Human Design 

I'm hosting two fun, lighthearted one-day in person workshops around Human Design.

On November 29, the focus is on you & your community (think family or team).

On December 11, the focus is on deepening your understanding in your own HD (and if you like one or two others, e.g. partner, friend, colleague)

This is your invitation!

Human design is an ultra powerful approach to understanding yourself and others. It offers insights into your talents, purpose and also into practical things like how much sleep you need and the best way to make aligned decisions.

Especially because of these little practical things, I've experienced how immensely helpful Human Design can be in small groups like a family or team. It creates understanding and gives you guidance into how to best lead 'your people' (be it your team or your kids :))

I'm super-excited to share this wonderful system with you and to empower you to use it. This workshop will really be that: a workshop, where I support you in  exploring the power of Human Design. 

I will of course explain Human Design and the way to work with it, and I'll be there to share my 'Projector perspective' on your charts.

At the end of the day you'll know (for yourself & each of your people):

  • how their energy works
  • how to see when they aren't balanced/aligned
  • how to know when they are standing in their power
  • what they need to feel seen & loved
  • how they make their best decisions
  • what they need for a good night's sleep
  • how to further explore their talents & purpose
  • and much more

What to expect:

  • an introduction into HumanDesign
  • a HD manual, personalised with the charts of you & 'your people'
  • a creative day with lovely people & good coffee, tea & snacks
  • my 'projector perspective' on your charts


  • Date 1: 29 November, 10am-4pm - FULLY BOOKED
  • Date 2: 11 December, 12-5pm
  • Investment: €200 (tikkie) of €250 (invoice)
  • Location: Hasebroekstraat 10-hs, Amsterdam


Feels like a yes?

Send me an email, mentioning which date you want to join & how you want to pay (Tikkie or invoice): [email protected]

Your spot is secured after payment comes through