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Dear sensitive leader with the overactive mind,


You’ve been lead to believe that your success & happiness depends on how good you are at using your brainpower. You’ve been lead to believe that if you do good at school, you’ll get the good job, leading to the nice house, the car, de holidays, the happy family.

You’ve developed the thinking mind over years & years of education & work. You’ve practiced having your rational, logical thinking override your inner knowing & intuition.



But with logic comes doubt, with rational thinking comes worrying.

Our rational brain is quite rigid. It requires you to constantly think about the next best step, analyse how to behave, how best to fit in etc.etc. It needs you to constantly be in control. There’s a lot of forcing & pushing and must & should involved. 

How bad is that?

Well, let me ask you this: how happy, vibrant & alive do you feel?

Letting go of some of the control, allows for more ease & playfulness, creates space for more passion & the things that light you up

I've designed a 6 Day Challenge in which I share some powerful tools to appease your over-active mind a little & tap into the deep, more intuitive part of you. 

Because really, by allowing a little room for the unexpected & the miraculous, life can become even better 

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The Tools You Need To Tap into ALL of You

The 6-Day Diary is a step-by-step process, spread out over not-quite a week, to help you gain a deeper understanding of your true self and open the door to an even better use of your potential. 

It leads to a tangible plan to bring more of your magic into the real world. 

Use all of your intelligence

We all have intuition to help us navigate life. Not using it is a waste of potential.

Self Awareness

How you became who you are today influences how you react to the situations you face. Consciousness is power.

Positive impact

Learn about your triggers & reactive behaviour, to become more conscious in chosing your reponse.

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This diary is my gift to you,

a way to share a little of my wisdom with you. The diary is designed to offer you a reflective process that leads to insight & appreciation for the person you are at this point in life, but it also give you understanding for your own journey of becoming and tools to move forwards into the person you're meant to be. 



Meet Rosalie Puiman

 My work's purpose is to help you release the fears that hold you from living your highest potential, find yourself & your unique contribution to the world and reconnect heart, body & mind. My approach is tangible & concrete, lighthearted & high vibe. And even though I thrive on logic & step-by-step, I bring in a little of the miraculous at every opportunity. 

What people say

"I was a bit of a lost soul. Traveling, living, working, connecting with others, but at the same time I had no clue who I was and who I wanted to become. And to be fair, it was a real struggle. But by finding this workshop and this diary, which made me open my heart, my desire to reconnect with myself was there again. Many many laughs and tears, but definitely found some peace at mind and heart. Thank you Rosalie for this beautiful, life-changing challenge!"

Emma De Mey